What Of These Wings

She had wings, wide, majestic
Wings so pretty, they’d catch everyone’s eye
Wings so perfect, bespoke for flight
Wings that wished to soar high
But she lived in fear
Feared she’d fall if she took off
Feared she’d break her wings if she tried
Feared so much, she held her wings close
And just like that, they withered, unused
The most majestic wings ever known
Were lost forever to fear of the unknown.



What the glorious life of Stephen Hawking teaches me, in a nutshell.

The beauty in humanity is endless
The seams of knowledge are boundless
There’s so much to seek, so much more to give
The opportunities for reform are countless
For a lone treader of the path of life
These moments of knowledge are priceless
There’s no knowledge too old, no concept too new
They’re all lessons, regardless
And while uncertainty is the only thing certain
Certainty lies in that, we’re limitless


We’re all part of a system

Flawed humans working towards a flawless world

Broken lives mending the dents in humanity

Tattered pieces, coming together to form a collage

We’re part of a system that runs on faith

We hold the reigns to this society, you and me

Reigns that slip each time with anger and doubt

This masterpiece dismantled each time there is conflict

Each time we run out of chances to give

The onlooker would know, how we’re tearing apart

This universe that we put years into making

For lack of trust, in humanity and humans

We tie ourselves up, as we come undone

City Lights

So they glimmer, the city lights

Hundred different lights, a thousand different stories

Together, they conjure a pretty sight

Lights of hope, happiness and memories


The faintest glimmer comes from the farthest

It talks of the warmth, the comfort of home

And yet it catches your eye the earliest

Patient, welcoming, it holds it’s own


The brightest and the tallest light

That of lure, promises, competition

It shines fiercely, the perfect white

Light for your dreams and their realisation


A string of lights plays mischievously

Many different colours, outlining a house

They celebrate, decorate the atmosphere of glee

Blinking happily as they read wedding vows


The most solemn light stands at the centre of it all

Inviting, calming, it offers protection

The house of prayer, quaint, peaceful, small

Igniting the path for seekers of salvation


City lights, they glimmer, they speak for their own

They bring to life the dark city nights

The skies of the city, they proudly own

The mute storytellers, the city lights.

Vows And Woes

She came in much earlier this year

Breezing past them all, nuzzling in their ear

This time was different though, a friend gave her company

Didn’t go down well, none approved of this matrimony

Little did she care though, for they’d been given their chance

To love her, respect her, to bring in the romance

But they took her for granted, not noticing the magic of her being

The way she cooled them, loved them, was a sight worth seeing

She decided not to wait any longer, all she craved was respect

That’s when he came along, to save the damsel in distress

Aggression in his blood, destruction was in his name

An encounter with him was terminal, bloody was his game

Hand in hand they walked, into the city calm

Set everything afloat, kicked up a literal storm

Finally they kneeled, folded hands, in front of her

Begged for their lives, asked not to make them suffer

Winter sought vindication in this new found godly appeal

Storm, her new mate, had made a deadly reveal

Together they set off seeking justice, everywhere that Winter was wronged

Mother Nature, however subtle, had raised all her children strong.

Step Out

These inhibitions that hold you down

Some, gifts from the society, the others your own

They look sturdy but they’re only silken strings

Tug at them and they snap at once

But step out soon, else they grow back around you

This time stronger, much more sturdier

And they’ll feed on you, and stay silken no more

Then the day will come, you’ll not have known when

Silken strings were replaced by iron shackles….

Gone Too Soon…

I wish I knew you better

I wish a face, a voice and a smile weren’t my only living memories of you

Your life was fearless and you left us in immense fear, my deductions from what I hear

I wish I could shed a tear whilst celebrating your life and not mourning your departure

I wish I could look your photograph in the eye and talk to it with entitlement

I wish I didn’t constrain my acknowledgement of you to a customary hi

I wish I hadn’t feared being judged and waited for time to get us talking 

I wish you weren’t an amorphous void I’ll never be able to give form

I wish I’d known you enough to gauge the extent of my loss

I wish I was more human and less ego, so we could get talking

I wish you didn’t go, and I’d have to wish no more….

The Pursuit Of Identity

Have you ever observed butterflies, just doing their thing, fluttering their wings? 

Ever wanted to choose which one of them was prettier? 

Ever wondered what they’d be like ,sans all the color? 

Did they, as caterpillars intrigue you just as much? 

Would they ,with broken wings, interest you just as much? 
No. The beautiful wings gave them identity.
Ever placed paper on oil paint and marveled at the random designs?

Ever repaired a tattered shoe until you made it shine? 

Ever noticed a solitary dragonfly in a pack of over a thousand? 

Ever paid attention to a background dancer without reason? 
The paint gave paper identity. Identity to its blank existence

Your effort gave the shoe identity. Identity to its ragged existence

A solitary dragonfly has none whatsoever, unless a wing’s extra, or none at all

Limelight gives the dancer its identity, identity with reason.
Would it be completely wrong then, to say

Identity is identity ,only as long as you hold on to it? 
A baby’s born, and nurtured with “unconditional love”

It grows to become an obedient kid, loved and blessed by all

One fine day, it goes missing, much to everyone’s horror

The description they gave was of a well mannered kid, happy, active and cheerful.

Word gets out and a hunt begins, no yield whatsoever.
Ten years down, at the door he stands, every bit a tramp

Smoking a joint, unruly hair, stinking of alcohol and dirt

Their kid went missing, a boy had returned, not in the slightest their own

Unconditional love seemed a lost cause, not knowing how things had turned
They took him in, fed him well, but only because he was blood

The person in him was no more their own, he felt his soul burn

Went away without saying a word, this time no search ensued

No tears shed, no worries exchanged, none a fan of his identity, new.
He went, only to return, a man of thirty, having figured out his life

His effort to be someone they’d love, wouldn’t go unanswered

This time they took him in, arms wide open, tears of joy were shed

Made him promise he’d never walk away, their boy had finally returned
He went in search of his lost identity, that which appealed to all

Buried the one he carried, instead, that which appealed to him

Lived the rest of his life happy, amid love and respect

The only emotion missing, now, was that of content
At seventy he fell sick, his memory couldn’t keep up

The people faded from his mind, they who were his identity

They walked away from his self, “unconditional love” went down the drain

He lost his real identity for people who didn’t care after all….

All That Changed

​I wrote my alphabet fast while he wrote beautifully

All the knowledge we had, few letters, A to Z

We were on the same page….

I was good with words, she aced her numbers

I helped her with essays, she rested my math fumbles

We were on the same page….

My feet had a thing for dance, he had wonderful music

Talent all the same, though different were our musings

We were on the same page….

She cared for homeless animals, I collected for charity

Both noble causes, no room for disparity

We were on the same page….

But now, we’re not

We’re not because he’s smarter, and I’m nowhere close

We’re not because she’s rude, and that, everyone knows

And let’s not accept that these are games my mind leads

That I had an hour more to dance and he, few to read

That she’s not rude, and that straightforward is the word

That I can mould anyone in my mind, decide their worth

We aren’t on the same page anymore

Not since I decided:

I’m gorgeous, she’s not

She’s ugly, I’m hot

He’s dumb, I’m smart

His words garbage, mine , art

We stopped. We changed

Where only bad could be seen, we changed

Where the mind took over, we changed

Each time I saw a flaw, I changed

Each time I laughed them off, I changed

That book of life flipped back a hundred pages 

Regressing from where I started, recovery will take me ages…..

(The diary of every ungrateful human)

Alone No More

​Jittery limbs and fidgety fingers

With mumbles for words and fumbles for speech

Fright in eyes and plight on the face

Superimposed by the incessant insults

Dejection, anger and a thousand other emotions

Not words enough to let them out

Cries unheard, pleas unattended

Another potential wizard fell pray to mental unease

Battling both mental and social demons

Alone, with nobody to even share 

The noose of depression tightens further

Each time another ‘normal’ person turns away

Let’s not contribute to their downfall anymore

Look them in the eye, say it like you mean it

Let’s do this together, through this ordeal, let’s walk

I promise to hear you out. Come, let’s talk 🙂