Where We Truly Belong

​When the green outside is so plush and soothing it makes the mandatory blacks and whites seem unimportant
When the faraway chirping of an unknown bird seeks its way through music booming in your earphones
When the sky is an enormous blanket of the faintest blue and you gaze not realizing its been hours already
When the few drops of crystal clear rain light up your face a million times better than makeup could
When that cup of coffee in the verandah with nobody but the trees and grass makes life worth living
When you feel one with nature and not just a fading part of it
When losing yourself in the woods gives the pleasure that these concrete jungles can’t
When mother earth in all her raw beauty satisfies you more than these futile attempts at beautification
Maybe that’s when we realise we went a little too far, a little too fast
Because all that remains now is patches of her amid moulds and scaffolds, bamboo, tar and concrete
Because all that remains, is all that we’ve left behind…



​Stars, sands and the sea witnessed

The newest, purest form of love

All night

Realistic, a future they planned

Learning, loving and providing each other with


Glee and happy tears, they both

Held each other in a tight embrace in the