To My Timeless Hero…

​My grandpa’s an octogenarian now
His feet dawdle, his hands tremble

His vision is blurred, his speech is slurred

He hides his watch and forgets his torch

The once know it all now struggles for recall
‘ Evils of old age’, I hear. Evil, really? 

As a toddler I was so loved, (still am)

I fell as I walked, made no sense when I talked

My hands all dirty, my feet all jerky

I hid all my toys, screeched at the top of my voice
‘Beauty of childhood,’ they say, and I agree

Why’s old age evil and childhood the best? 

Those hands that made me, don’t they deserve respect? 
Grandpa spills food and it’s a mess to clean

I used to do the same, but cute it must’ve been
I cried for attention, and surely, I got tons

Now grandpa does the same, and he has none
He repeats himself helplessly, though no one really cares

My senseless blabber was attended to, like I had a story to share
And after he’s been told off, I catch him lost in deep thought at times, 

Helplessly looking out the window, I wonder if they’re same as mine
Grandpa spoke so passionately, of the happiness of holding our tiny little fingers

It is heart wrenching, you know, not being there to help with his quiver
The man who gave us his all, now just longs for reciprocation

While we’re busy fighting his age like it’s a monster with aggression
His brain is failing him and he turns towards his beloved  family
His ‘exasperated’ family instead, finds his ageing ‘ugly’
This was our chance, and we let it slip, for our ego is more important

Than to give back to them what they gave us- love, care, attention
Nature’s big plan now stands flawed, reduced down to a petty game
I’ve failed you grandpa, you know that too, and yet, you love me the same…


All That Changed

​I wrote my alphabet fast while he wrote beautifully

All the knowledge we had, few letters, A to Z

We were on the same page….

I was good with words, she aced her numbers

I helped her with essays, she rested my math fumbles

We were on the same page….

My feet had a thing for dance, he had wonderful music

Talent all the same, though different were our musings

We were on the same page….

She cared for homeless animals, I collected for charity

Both noble causes, no room for disparity

We were on the same page….

But now, we’re not

We’re not because he’s smarter, and I’m nowhere close

We’re not because she’s rude, and that, everyone knows

And let’s not accept that these are games my mind leads

That I had an hour more to dance and he, few to read

That she’s not rude, and that straightforward is the word

That I can mould anyone in my mind, decide their worth

We aren’t on the same page anymore

Not since I decided:

I’m gorgeous, she’s not

She’s ugly, I’m hot

He’s dumb, I’m smart

His words garbage, mine , art

We stopped. We changed

Where only bad could be seen, we changed

Where the mind took over, we changed

Each time I saw a flaw, I changed

Each time I laughed them off, I changed

That book of life flipped back a hundred pages 

Regressing from where I started, recovery will take me ages…..

(The diary of every ungrateful human)

Alone No More

​Jittery limbs and fidgety fingers

With mumbles for words and fumbles for speech

Fright in eyes and plight on the face

Superimposed by the incessant insults

Dejection, anger and a thousand other emotions

Not words enough to let them out

Cries unheard, pleas unattended

Another potential wizard fell pray to mental unease

Battling both mental and social demons

Alone, with nobody to even share 

The noose of depression tightens further

Each time another ‘normal’ person turns away

Let’s not contribute to their downfall anymore

Look them in the eye, say it like you mean it

Let’s do this together, through this ordeal, let’s walk

I promise to hear you out. Come, let’s talk 🙂