As he sat revising his closing arguments,
The very same house of justice, the very same corner bench,
He’d ruled this courthouse for over four decades now
Intimidating and defeating each opponent of his.
Today he’d retire, ending forty years of victory,
He wanted the end to be victorious as well,
But this didn’t look to be going well for him
She had weakened the very roots of his case,
He questioned, she countered, speechless she left him
An opponent so tough and determined, he was in awe
He read his document carefully, yet inattentively
Constantly thinking of the course this case would take
Time passed and the hearing began
Judge acknowledged, jury summoned
He rose, calmly, spoke wisely as ever
Aware of the many eyes fixated on him
He said the first lines, and waited smartly
Letting his aura speak for him
Calmly, respectfully, he built his story
The audience increasingly growing respectful
Done, he bowed, and sat back, satisfied
Chaos ensued, talks about his greatness
Then she rose, calmer, and bowed
She spoke softly, wisely and well
Placing her case systematically with ease
Maintaining her composure all the same
She spoke slowly but intelligently enough
Rebuilt her story in all their minds
Her last bow was doused in roaring applause
Dumbfounded, the old man looked at her face
Looked at her through the judge’s speech
Looked at her as he ruled in her favor
Looked at her as she calmly smiled
Looked at her and she looked back
He smiled at her, stifling that rare tear
She walked up to him, hugged him tight
Inappropriate for a court room, but the daughter didn’t care
I’m sorry dad, you lost your final case
‘I didn’t, love’ , he beamed at her face
He looked up at the face he had adored for years
His love, now accompanied by pure respect
‘You are my biggest victory’, he finished, smiling
She asked, ‘Did I do well today? ‘
‘Yes, my dear, but there’s scope for better’


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