The Earned Reprisal

The earth under his feet, cracked up real loud
Barren, those trees, showed no will to live
An occasional bird flew across the sky
Parched enough to not dare call out
He kept looking up, into the sky, infinite
Trying not to let that drop of sweat die down
A field stood at the centre, brown, at the best, yellow
Spawning with nothing but dead, leafless shoots
He looked at his fingers, shriveled up and dry
Cursing those million automobiles strewn around
Smoke from the burning engines, the only other color
He woke up, confused, but with a start
He spoke of the horrid dream to his father
A warm knowing smile, all that he got back
Humanity, my son, forever has been doomed
A dream, I’m afraid, it shan’t be for long
How long before it happens? A decade? he asked
If humanity were to stay put, that’d be too much to ask
Half the time, my son, that’s all we’ve got
And then what happens? He asked, keen to know
Then? _A chuckle_ We’ll be woken from our slumber
The slumber that houses these haughty dreams of humanity
The dream that it has reigns to play nature to it’s tunes
To mess around with her, in the name of discovery
To tamper with her being, in the name of progress
She tried hard at times, to wake it up, mellow
An occasional high tide, a little quiver of earth
But humanity still is euphoric, proud about nothing
And now she shall repair, all that damage that’s been done
Punish us for disrespect, show us what grandeur means
With one elegant move, she’ll call the end of humanity
There it shall shatter, man’s false palace
Envy, pride, rich, poor, nothing shall matter then
So magnificent the aura, none shall stand a chance
Don’t worry, my son, about it, it’s inevitable
Nature shall serve us with revenge at it’s best