The Leader They Seek

This universe that we live in
Flawed in more ways than one
With a million different people, a billion different minds
A leader being all that everyone seeks
Someone who’d preach, lead the way to revolution
Someone who’d usher in a wave of novelty
To fill in those shoes,a person does come along
Willing to shoulder this responsibility, tough
Willing to be the face of this change everyone wishes
Willing to give the world it’s requisite due
Then ensue speeches, promises and all
Faith in the mentor, they instill
Faith turns to blind faith, blind faith to godliness
The whole purpose of renaissance lost there
Raising the man to divine levels now
Expecting from this Godman, supernatural deeds
Disappointment utter, when he fails to deliver
Faith being throttled, only pure anger remains
The Godman who bathed in the glory of their “love”
A desperate cry for forgiveness is all he has left
Forgiveness for accepting to be what they sought
Forgiveness for preaching what they sought to hear
Forgiveness for being what they made him to be
Forgiveness for thinking he’d get away with it
But all those cries go unheard, easy
The feet trampling his being, silence his last gasp
He meets the same fate as his predecessor did
The community calling fraud, calling him evil
The universe, now flawed in more ways than before
A leader being all that everyone seeks…..