She was a tiny mass, cuddled in the warmth of their arms
They smiled at the sight of her, their worries, they let go
That sea of tears, hidden by the blanket of her charm
She was the only happiness that they’d ever know

She grew up,a naughty toddler, they watched her all along
Their sorrows never ceased, they just kept her in oblivion
Small she was, little did she understand what was wrong
The plight of the flawed human life, despair, under it, hidden

Years passed by as she grew to be a young girl
Apple of their eyes, which would’ve been sullen otherwise
They wore that persistent smile, shielded her from the dark world
Not much later, the truths she’d find

Another couple years down, she became a woman, mature
That smile they still wore, it still hid the hardships
Now, however, she looked beyond, she looked now, unsure
That smile which she thought was real, was but only curved lips

She cried herself to sleep that night, her whole life, she felt, was fake
Cursed herself for not seeing before, how they’d fulfilled all her dreams
The revelation made her resolve, to set things right for their sake
For this, she was willing to do all, overstep any seams

It took time but she did it, she made that smile of theirs, true
All that they bore all their lives, she made it all disappear
That contentment of this change, it gave them happiness, new
She was the fire that torched all their sorrow and fear

Those eyes that knew but only sadness, they shone bright that day on
She became their pride, she taught them how to live
They saw meaning now in life, anew, were they born
Her coming of age, was the best that she could give.


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