The Sin That Made Him

Can any one event ever encapsulate and define all that a person is? Washing away everything else that forms any human’s identity. And why is it that often it is the negative ones that end up being it? I don’t have the answers but these are questions worth being asked.
Even though this poem precedes my recent poems by a couple of months, it for some reason never made it here.

Wet, his red palms still trembled with fear
Wet from the tears of those apologetic eyes
That moment he couldn’t erase from his mind
That moment, when he succumbed to that vice

He had been trusted ,and loved  by all dearly
He earned a good name, though not fortune enough
They made him clean households, sweep, wash
Content was his life, content, but tough

He lived a proud person, proud of all he was
He knew his worth, but had humility, lots
They looked as he grew, in awe of his being
Content was his life, contentment and ease

With success and grandeur came a fair share of haters
Despised him, and wanted him destroyed, alike
Then once, it struck, envy with a motive
The worst kind, backstabbing, dark, vicious plight

That sibling he loved from the core of his heart
It was a tussle in dark, pitch dark
Survival instinct set in, a loud cry let out
He sat in his brother’s blood, he let out a shout

Wet, red, his palms trembled with fear
Wet from the tears of those apologetic eyes
He looked at his doing, and then those palms
His being destroyed, dead on the inside

A life time worth of fame, this was all it took
Not just to destroy, but to break and remould too
From a highly loved person, to a murderer that easy
They gave up on him, severed ties, made stories

A thief in his childhood, gangster now they said
To killing and extortion, attributed all his wealth
Haters without a reason, they disowned him completely
They took it as their right, to judge him so easily

One horrible mistake, they branded him evil
Would one good deed have branded him God? 
They judged him shamelessly,a human par their thoughts
One whole life to build, the palace of life still falls…..