She had pretty sparkling eyes, and a wonderful smile
No one prettier,he had seen in a long while
He fell for her at once, chose her as the one
Love, in his eyes, shone, brighter than the sun
He let it grow in him, that which he called his love
Everything else trivial, she was all above
He envied those she spoke to,a threat to his ‘love’ they were
He couldn’t let her go, now the time for it was here
He walked up to her, trying to calm his nerve
In a hasty, excited tone, his question, he’d serve
She looked at him aghast, ‘no’ was all she said
The nervousness vanished, his eyes, blood red
He walked up two steps closer, looked at her with intent
Drank in that beautiful face, and smiled, content
He turned his back to her, began to walk away
Turned back to her, as if, something to say
She screamed in pure pain, as he splashed it on her face
Evil was that smile, revenge filled was that gaze
Her skin scorched, she groaned and fell to the ground
He left her there to suffer, in this, pride he found
She lay there, helpless and tired,recounting the horror
Her heart, pounding, filled with fear and anger
She rose from the ground as time passed by
And then to her feet as days did fly
Months later, she moulded herself anew
From that horrid day, her confidence, she drew
She went places, met people, created a new human
They expressed disgust, shuddered at the sight of her person
She fought it all, and up she rose, strong, brave and tall
She made it her strength, which he wanted to be her downfall
That day was the last that those beautiful eyes saw tears
She achieved big feats, defeated all her her fears
Through it all, he kept track, of the outcome of his doing
The pride in him ,she trampled clear, this was her becoming
Every accolade, every praise, it slapped his ego each time
There he sat, crippled with envy of the heights to which she’d climbed
Just then, when he closed his eyes, reliving that beautiful face
A knock he heard, and a letter arrived, leaving him thoroughly fazed
She wrote in it, words of gratitude, minimal those eight letters
There, she charred his heart ,more brutally than he had, hers


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