Two sisters, by the river, sat under a tree
One happy and cheerful, another gloomy
Distorted were their reflections, in those ripples below
They sat there, talking, more than ever so
One dressed in black, another in white
Tears in one’s eyes, another had a smile
Sobbing , she spoke, the girl dressed in black
The other consoled her, gently patting her back
“I walk past them, and they curse me hard
Call me the reason for their downfall
They say they did well, until I struck their lives
My name they utter, in their swears, cries
Am I to blame, what wrong have I done?
Harassments by me, can they name any one?
Yes I traversed their life,a moment worth, that’s all
How was I to know, tragedy on them would befall?
That cold winter night, trembling,I asked for shelter
They shut the door at me, made my hopes wither
My tears, my pain, why should they go unseen?
What brings them to hate me, evil, have I been? ”
As she cried, the other girl spoke
Calm, composed, she had a wise tone
“No, little sister, don’t you cry
You haven’t erred, let this pass by
Wonderful you are, at both, heart and mind
Talk to me, and your answers you shall find
They know not to accept, neither today, nor before
That they are the ones whom they should actually abhor
I walk past them too, but they don’t see me at all
Others definitely do, peeping over the wall
They say I’m the reason, someone else is doing well
That I crossed the person’s path, when his life was hell
That they are wrong, no one wants to see
And that another is right, is too unreal to be
Their mistakes to hide, they chose you as a source
Others’ success, to explain, I am the one they chose
Your tears, they can’t see, as they’re blinded by their pride
Envy gave me birth, they’re oblivious to my sight
Our names explain it all, their love and their hate
Lady Luck, they call me, and you, little sister, Fate.


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