They’re all moving constantly, at a steady pace
Most towards a goal, others aimlessly
So I joined in, one of those aimless souls
Stepping forward blindly, I’d follow where they’d go
Some reached their destination soon, and left the mob behind
Some had been walking forever, desperation filling their mind
Us, aimless walkers, had nothing for a motivation
Soon, the motivated ones, stopped walking, we were stranded
With nobody to lead the road, no footsteps to follow
We finally looked around, saw what we had done
Following them aimlessly, we’d destroyed all that was
In their bid for greatness, all that was great , was lost
That’s when I saw, that tree I cut down yesterday
It gave me a warm fire then, but now the scorching heat kills me
That’s when I saw the little bird, whose mother I had killed
It filled my stomach yesterday, but the little one’s plight hurts me
I looked up at the sky, which once used to be pretty
All that I could see now, was smoke, grey and hazy
I looked down at the ground, it used to be so fruitful
Dull, barren, cracked now, nothing could render it useful
I looked at the kids then, they used to look so happy
Shriveled, skin and bones now, robbed of all their merry
The women of my land, they used to be so strong
Fear is all I can see, they’ve gone through so much wrong
The men, they were sturdy, capable of such good work
Poverty and drunkenness have taken over, their sense of pride, now, hurts
I followed then through all their endeavours, not thinking of the consequence
They reached their goal, and here I am, filled throughout with repentance
I walked and walked, blindly so, changing the world around me
That was when I could’ve stopped, if all of this I could see
The damage done, everything lost, I can only watch it all go
I kept digging, deeper and deeper, but now i want to go back to before……


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