Humans are incredible thinkers. Everything around us makes us wonder, leading to contemplation. One such day of random thinking opened me up to something we all choose to ignore at all times. Prioritization.

We often hear people advising other people to prioritise, to list methodically their line of action pertaining to a particular situation, or a particular circumstance. But we often overlook the deeper meaning that this very important word holds. Prioritizing isn’t just about arranging the people or the events of our life in descending order of their rightful importance. What it is really about, is giving ourselves importance. We have begun to base our lives on others’ opinion of us to such a large extent that the simple question of “Who are you ? ” asked by someone to us cannot yield a satisfactory reply. Because we ourselves are unsure of what we’ve come to become. What we are forgetting is what actually is the most important facet of our existence – our existence itself. What others think of us governs our lives, rather than what we think about ourselves, the simple reason being that we’ve stopped sparing a thought for ourselves.

A simple lattice could explain this all satisfactorily. Think of oneself as the centre of the lattice, tied on all sides to other people by strings, the strings being associations established with them over a period of time. We all start walking away from the centre, away from the people we’re tied to. Some strings break early, some others bear the tension longer, but break eventually. Walking away from the previous centre, we approach a new one, establishing new associations here while having to let go of old ones. The ones that persist, persist. This walking away, dissociation, approaching a new centre, and forming new associations goes on until at last, you walk to a dead end. Your end.

What we fail to realise is that everything that we allow to affect our lives are merely associations formed over time, some by choice, others by circumstances. No matter how much importance we give them, these associations are meant to weaken, if not break, at one point or the other. This may happen merely days later, or may stretch for as long as years, even decades, maybe. What remains of the association, is us, walking towards another entirely new one, seething in the sorrow of the dissociation of what we have just been through, not wanting to embrace anything new that could potentially fill in for that void. Like an artist, we spend lifetimes sculpting ourselves into persons worthy of being called perfect, and when we finally are that person, we stop respecting that creation ourselves. Won’t that equal insult, not respecting the person you’ve made yourself to be?

We live in awe of a person, while someone else lives in awe of us. We strive to become something we aren’t, while someone else strives to become us. In our bid for improvement, we’re only laying emphasis on others’ lives, while eating away from our own, little by little. Believing in ourselves and loving the human marvel that we create of ourselves as a mural of experiences seems like a difficult thing to do. Why is what still beats me. The human mind definitely thinks a lot…..


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