It is a battle that you fight: every minute of your life
Battling the demon inhabiting your soul
Thinking, over thinking- what could or couldn’t be
That uncanny ability to complicate everything
That inner feeling that says; good is never good
Bad could be worse, questioning one’s existence
Building upon my knowledge, am I making life difficult?
Felt better when, life was much more trivial
Verisimilitude of life, to that of nobody else’s
Hell bent on estranging the ones dearest to me
What was a kind gesture, my mind took as a vicious plot
Is that just how much trust I can bestow in humanity?
And about when I start repenting, apologising within my head
When I feel sorry about feeling so pessimistic
Humanity plays another card-a slap in the face,
A vicious plot for real, confirming my passivity
Simplicity doesn’t exist, and neither does clarity
The life I lived yesterday, is obsolete now
It is complicated, life; and there’s so much unknown
My identity sometimes, I hardly know myself
Is this that’experience’-the wise ones talk about?
There are questions unanswered, not knowing kills me
Here I am, at crossroads, rethinking my past decisions
Wanting to erase a lot of it, and relive a few
Cursing life again, heading towards pessimism
But then again, humanity, like an angel in disguise
Back into the picture-life looks beautiful again
While oblivion is the only thing, I know, for sure exists
Uncertainty, life-is your most plausible attribute